Hello, Julio aka Cajuca. I’m from Brasilia, Brazil, and I’ve been venturing into the world of digital art since 2015.

“Cajuca” is a play on words “Caju” (cashew apple, a native fruit from Brazil) and “Juca” (my nickname). I have been interested in psychedelic art since 2012 and I am inspired mainly by the works of artists such as Larry Carlson, Mark Henson, Mr. Babies, Indgo and James McCarthy.

Before becoming a full-time artist, I considered creating only as a hobby. My works were improvised and motivated by the simple desire to create, but no particular intention pre-figured them. Then, I began to observe the elements that I unconsciously placed in each of my works and realized that the use of bright, vibrant and intense colors had become a real trademark. I became aware of my interest and desire to convey an idea of “silent solitude” in my creations, but also to explore the therapeutic power of colors in our lives.

I focus on working with landscapes, vibrant colors, and surreal patterns, with the intent to create colorful atmospheres that evokes a sense of synesthesia, introspection, silence and movement. My inspirations comes from different places and moments, especially being in the middle of nature, reading books, listening to music and watching movies, and the repetitive use of the Moon is my artistic motif, although sometimes I explore different celestial bodies.